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Tyranny of the Urgent
People today are busier than ever. Many times, we can’t get to the things we really need to be doing simply because other things demand our attention right now.  This is called “the tyranny of the urgent.” It’s the little things that bog us down and distract from the important things. Successful people must learn to differentiate between the important and the urgent.
Urgent matters are like little fires that need to be put out right now.  These little fires pop up with every new responsibility, hobby, or social group in which we participate. The more we do the more little fires we have to put out.  Think juggling or spinning plates.  It’s hard to keep up.
Important matters are the things you care about most in life, the things that define you and your legacy.  These are your closest relationships, your health, your passions and if you believe, your spiritual walk. These are the areas where we need to spend the majority of our time. Yet, we often neglect these areas because we have a little Chihuahua nipping at our heels, called urgent.
Here’s a tip: ask yourself, “Will this matter in 5 years?” If not, either say no or put it on the back-burner; or, even better, pay someone to do it for you. The more you minimize the urgent the more you can concentrate on the things that are truly important and will bring you the most happiness in life.
For your reading pleasure
We are fortunate here in Denver and the front range to have recovered from the days of the housing bubble burst. However, some cities in the U.S. have seen less than 5% of their housing recover previous values. In these cities, there is still plenty of room for recovery. Good places to invest? Perhaps. Also, this report means that there is even less reason to fear a major bubble burst in the near future.
Here’s one to bookmark! County Assessor data maps tracking home value changes in recent years. Each county map provides valuable information regarding which neighborhoods are seeing the greatest increases in values and which are not. This is for data heads like me.

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